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As a company our mission is to train practitioners. We STRONGLY suggest that you work with a practitioner to complete your testing. However, some states in the US will allow us to ship a test kit direct to the patient.  This is referred to as a Direct Access State (DAT).  The following states are considered DAT states, wherein you can order the test without having to have a practitioner order it for you.  These states are:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont,  Virginia, Washington, Washington DC,  West Virginia,  and Wisconsin.

If you are ordering a Direct Access test you MUST pre-pay on the website and order the kit through the webiste in order for us to send you a kit. We do not take orders for these over the phone and again you must pre-pay for a Direct Acess test to be sent  to  you.

Due to the restrictions of the State of New York Department of Health, we cannot analyze samples taken in the state of New York. We recommend you arrange with another practitioner in a surrounding state and test with them.  Our lab will not accept any samples taken in the State of New York.

If you do not live in a Direct Access Testing state, we recommend working with a practitioner regarding our testing and detoxification protocols.  You can work with any practitioner you select.

If you do not have a practitioner to work with, our website: has a practitioner locater with contact information for practitioners who have worked with our testing and/or detoxification protocols. This is not an exclusive list.  You can use a any type of licensed practitioner, Accupuncurist, Chiropractor, Dentist, MD, ND, DO, OMD etc to request the test kits for you.  If you are interested in having the practitioner guide you through the detoxification program, you will need to ask them directly if they have experience in this regard. We also have outside consultants who work with our company whom we would be happy to get you in touch with. Please send us an email at with your contact information and we will connect you with a consultant.

Check with your doctor's office to see if they will draw your blood.  If so, take our test to your doctor and have your blood drawn. If your practitioner does not draw blood, then your local Quest Diagnostics, or your local hospital may be able to draw blood.  We do not contract directly with Lab Corps, Quest Diagnostics, or any lab establishments. Contact Quest Diagnostics to see if they will draw your blood as it varies state to state if they will work with our test.  

Please note these labs are franchised and the policies do vary from lab to lab.  You may also contact any local hospital and request a blood draw service through their phlebotomy lab.  You would be responsible for any additional cost.

***You will need to have the following items with you when you go to          your blood draw:

  •                     your paperwork (PRF Form),
  •                     shipping materials
  •                     hair and urine samples 

If you are using a lab please NOTE many labs cannot release the blood draw back to you after it is drawn so please do not forget to bring your entire kit with you so it can be shipped back to Quicksilver Scientifc immediately from the laboratory.


If you are a practitioner, login to and order through our website. There is no cost up front to order kits if you are a practitioner. If you are a patient, you will only be able to order a test directly if you live in a Direct Access State (DAT) state. You still need to place an order for a DAT kit on For a Direct Access Test you will have to prepay on the website before your kit is shipped out to you. Any international kits will have to be prepaid on the website as well. If you have any questions feel free to call our office at 303-531-0861.

For ALL international kit orders, again you must order through our website, for a patient you must prepay for the shipping AND the test kit before it will be sent out. For international practitioners you must prepay for the shipping only. 

The results for the Mercury tri test typically take up to two to three weeks from the date the samples were received.  The results for the Blood Metals panel can take up to three weeks from the date we receive the samples.  We send all results to the email address provided on the PRF form which was included inside the test kit. We will only send results to who has been indicated on the PRF so if you want the results as well as your practitioner you need to make sure and indicate that. 

Please contact your practitioner as to the price of our tests. 

This cost includes: the analysis, the kit, delivery shipping of kit and return shipping of samples to our lab.  In this case, you (the patient) are responsible for locating and contacting a phlebotomy lab for the blood draw, and asking them what you need to obtain the blood draw.

Practitioner please contact Quicksilver for pricing. 

International patients must pre-pay the full amount of the testing and the shipping before a test kit will be sent out to you. NOTE: At this time we recommend that you go through one of our international distributors to receive your test kit. Send us an email at and we can give you more information about our international distributors. 

AT THIS TIME: We do not ship to the Middle East or to Dubai or to India. As a company we are constantly working on updating availablility and access to our testing and products so please keep checking back for more updates. 



The QS Mercury Tri-Test

Our patented speciation testing technology provides analysis for both inorganic and methyl mercury, allowing specific data targeting for better defined solutions. Quicksilver Scientific’s Mercury Tri-Test is the only clinical testing suite that utilizes blood, hair, and urine to measure both exposures and excretion abilities. 

Inorganic mercury (HgII) in blood usually reflects a dental amalgam exposure and urine is a route of excretion for it.  Some is generated from the breakdown of methylmercury inside the body.  This is the most cytotoxic form of mercury so an important pool to track.  The urine: blood ratio gives an index of excretion efficiency for inorganic mercury.

Methylmercury (MeHg) reflects seafood consumption, though some is made in the gut from swallowed amalgam-based mercury.  Excretion of methylmercury is reflected in the hair.   The hair: blood ratio gives an index of excretion efficiency of methylmercury.

The QS Blood Metals Panel

Quicksilver Scientific’s Blood Metals Panel screens a broad range of nutrient and toxic metals to show elevated exposures to toxic metals or imbalances of nutrient metals in whole blood. 

Nutrient Elements: Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Zinc

Potentially Toxic Elements: Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Strontium

There is no test that directly measures toxicity.  Toxicity is not a level of something but rather the body’s reaction to a level.  The reaction is determined by genetics, nutritional status, presence of other synergistic toxins (e.g. lead, mold exposure, PCB’s), and presence of other pathologies such as chronic or hidden infections.  The testing informs the practitioner about levels of different forms of mercury and status of their detox pathways; the practitioner combines this with the history and clinical presentation of the patient to decide whether the metal burden in the individual is a potential problem for the patient or a contributing factor to the individual’s health state.  

Regarding testing, I have a PhD in this and am steeped in the literature and data.  In addition, to date have run well over 6,000 tests.  It would take quite awhile to convey all of this to you in writing, but genetic and epigenetic testing now is starting to show the variation in these ratios that I have been discussing.  The science backs this up.

Paperwork required to obtain a blood draw may vary from lab to lab.  Contact the lab you will use prior to your appointment to confirm what paperwork you may need.  If you do require additional paperwork outside of the included patient requisition form, your practitioner will provide you with it.  Please also confirm who will be shipping the samples back to us, you or the blood draw lab.  If the blood draw lab is to send samples back, make sure to bring all paperwork, urine, hair and shipping materials to your blood draw appointment.

In order for the most accurate results we recommend that you ship the samples IMMEDIATELY. We provide a 2 day shipping label but we recommend that you send your samples no later than Wednesday as we are not here on the weekend. If you cannot ship by Wednesday we recommend that you hold on to the samples and store them in your refridgerator and send them first thing Monday morning. The samples will be viable if kept in the refridgerator over the weekend. 

Yes, Blood exposed to temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for more than 6 hours can partially convert the methymercury to inorganic mercury.  Please be certain that the blood does not sit in a UPS box for over a day in warm weather.  Cold weather will not affect the samples whatsoever.  

If there is a missing data point on your mercury tri-test that means that the levels were so low that they were not enough to show up on the graph. For more information contact your practitioner.

Mercury speciation technology has the ability to read methyl and inorganic mercury in the part per trillion range.  This test is designed to see how well you excrete these toxins out of the blood.  

The use of provocation agents artificially inflates the levels in the blood and urine which disrupts the biological information of how your body is dealing with its mercury load under normal day-to-day conditions.  It has been reported that the provocation agents add stress to the body.  If you are under stress or are already in a state of poor health, we highly recommend that you AVOID this method.  The tests that we have created here at Quicksilver Scientific, however, do NOT put any stress on the body whatsoever.

You do not need to fast before the blood draw portion of either test.  You do, however, need to do the first morning urine, mid-stream catch, on an empty stomach with no food or water for the urine portion of the Mercury Tri Test.

The metals are being mobilized from cells to blood when taking EDTA, ALA, and glutathione.  This can elevate levels.   IMD is filtering the blood through the GI and this may lower…and sometimes raise…levels.  Giving 7 days before retesting helps the system get to the natural equilibrium.

If there is history of mercury exposure, amalgams, lots of fish consumption, it is best to get a tri-test to see what the inorganic levels are.  With speciation, I like methylmercury to be in the yellow and inorganic mercury to be in the green, though target of a “deep” detox for inorganic mercury should be below 0.05ppb.

You must be a licensed practitioner to order Quicksilver Scientific's products. There are several ways to purchase our products.  You can place an order through one of our Distributors if you are wanting products in less than a case please go to Mountain State Health Products website If you are ordering from us we do not sell in less than a case for wholesale pricing and all orders need to go through the website. Please go to to register as a practitioner. 

For best results, use within one year of manufacture date.  Freezing phospholipid-based products stops change almost completely and extends usefulness for years. If product is opened the main degradation will be the taste and not necessarily the potency. 

All of the dosing information for our products is on the bottles or in the product information sheets listed on our website. We are not a clinic and cannot provide medical advice. Please contact your practitioner if you have more in-depth dosing questions. 

EDTA also has some effects on biofilms, and that helps with circulation and chronic oscillating infections.

It is a great adjunct during any detox since we are not operating in a vaccum with a single toxin.  IF the person accumulates mercury, they likely accumulate other biological toxins (mold toxins, GI dysbiotic toxins) and environmental toxins (petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, POP’s).  The charcoal/clay is not real good for metals, but has a very broad affinity for the toxic soup of chemicals. 

German Soy source lecithin with 92-94%PC, extracted with ethanol. Very similar to Natterman's source material for Lipostabil. Small amounts of phos ethanoline and traces if phos inositol. It is an excellent source. 

It takes 2-3 weeks from the time that we receive your samples for us to process the test. We will  not send out test results if there is payment issues. We also will not send test results to a patient unless specified on the patient requisition form. 

None of our products contain any gluten, they are safe for people who have gluten sensitivity/celiac's disease. 

As a company we are committed to the highest quality Non-GMO ingredients for our products. The ethanol used in our products is derived from cane sugar and we have been using cane sugar based ethanol for quite some time. 

We do use a soy lecithin in our product however it goes through an intensive purifying process. Because it is such a pure formula there is very little if any chance that someone would have a reaction to the soy. 

Inorganic Mercury transfers through breast milk and methylmercury transfers across the placental barrier; therefore only a very mild detox that does not mobilize mercury is recommended while breast-feeding or during pregnancy.   Blood has been shown to have higher mercury levels in fetuses than the mother.  Amalgam fillings should not be tampered with during pregnancy. Ideal is to detox before becoming pregnant!

High heat over an extended period of time will degrade the product (over 100 degrees over 3-5 days).   Preference is 2-day with a cold pack in the summer in the winter the shipping temperatures are less of a worry. 

We do not bill insurance and there is only one CPT code we are aware of for Mercury analysis. That CPT code is: 83825 - Mercury, Quantitative.   We recommend contacting your health insurance provider regarding reimbursement.  If you paid Quicksilver directly for a Tri-Test (only in Direct Access States), receipts are available upon request at  If you paid your practitioner, contact them directly for a receipt. 

The crystallization is a small amount of the vitamin C that is insoluble.  When making liposomes, not all the vitamin C is inside the liposomes.  The amount that is outside the liposomes is less soluble than inside the liposome due to arrangement of glycerin between the inside and outside of the liposome.  This sometimes happens and is not a problem.  The liposomes, vitamin C and lipoic acid inside of them are fine.

It is my opinion that any risks associated with composites are far less consequential than those of mercury fillings, unless you have a strong hypersensitivity to the organic compounds in composites. While composites are far from perfect, there are other alternatives like ceramics.  The ceramics however, still have an adhesive that has some BPA’s or similar compounds.  Any dental change has the potential to cause issues through changes in bite registration, mercury exposure during removal, and immune system reactions.  Recommend seeking a holistic or biological dentist.

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